Feeder Cattle 139.95 0.16%
Orange Juice 126.4 0.6%
Soybean Meal 379.6 -0.29%
Wheat 565 0.49%
Live Cattle 113 -0.22%
Corn 422.5 -0.35%
Cocoa 2594 0.19%
Lumber 702.5 4.31%
Coffee 126.1 -0.04%
Rice 15.2275 0.12%
Lean Hog 65.6 3.76%
Soybean 1163.25 -0.53%
Sugar 14.13 0.07%
Soybean Oil 38.51 -0.57%
Ashburn 39 °F Clear sky

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So we’ve built this unique place that is for farmers and by farmers. At Soucy, we pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse on the latest agricultural trends and knowing what farmers care about. We want to help you grow your business, but we also want to provide you a place where you can unwind with an enjoyable read.

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